Reading 0-1 Bristol City

Vito Mannone – 6

Mostly kept busy by constant annoyance from Messrs McShane and Moore. Little to do, in the main, but perhaps could have done better with the only goal of the game.

Chris Gunter – 6

Classic Gunter, really. Didn’t do anything bad, nor good. He is venturing forward more this season, I feel, but end product is never something to rely on, or expect. (Was sometimes visually aghast at our ponderous play around the back).

Paul McShane – 5

Probably the most frustrating performance I have seen from Macca. Countless times he brought Mannone into play when the ball should have gone forward sooner. As captain, he should be leading by example positively, but today was not that day.

Liam Moore – 6

Again, similar to McShane, he passed back to Mannone too often when had time to look up and see a better option. Did perform an excellent block in the first half to avoid a City break away.

Tyler Blackett – 7

Oh Tyler! Such a fine line between confidence and arrogance! At times, he was very decent, then he gets excited and it’s back to Tyler losing the ball in good areas. Generally, much improved at Wing Back, but (like Gunter), end product is always a problem.

Joey van den Berg – 5

Joey had one of those games where he epitomes everything we’ve become to know and expect from the Dutchman. Wayward first touches, a booking and much shaking of heads in the stands.

Leandro Bacuna – 6

Did nothing particularly great or badly, but did not seem to be able to control the midfield. He floated, rather than being box to box, but I felt that because the Central Defenders kept using the goalkeeper than bringing out in to midfield, I don’t feel he could be blamed. Obviously, time takes time – he will need time to adjust, as all the new signings will need.

Liam Kelly – 5

Not the best of games, despite being injured. Often seemed to be chasing shadows or tried to make up for the game passing him by taking on shots himself, which was neither the best option or led to the best results. Seemed laboured from the off, which is most unlike Liam.

Modou Barrow – 7

A shining light! Another 70 minute performance where he proved to be our most threatening player, by far. A constant pest to the City right back, often leaving him for dead. Put over a few good crosses which no player could reach or be in the right position for. Stam clearly feels he cannot last 90 minutes yet, but when he was removed so did any remaining threat.

Sone Aluko – 6

We expected a lot from our, alleged, record signing and we did see it in fleeting moments. Had some sweet moments of skill and trickery, ghosting past players in central positions. If Barrow still is not match fit, then Aluko also seemed to tire at a similar rate in the second half, which was odd as he has played from the start of the season for Fulham.

Jon Dadi Böðvarsson – 5

Worked hard, undoubtedly, but guilty of two gilted edged chances. The second of which he should have definitely scored from. For a man of his size, he was bullied by Flint and Baker. He needed to impose himself against the opposition defence, but faded badly.


Garath McCleary – 6

Had a few nice moments and put over a few decent crosses. Looks to be gaining fitness, but will have to work for his place with the arrival of Aluko.

Dave Edwards – 6

Put himself about a bit but, probably through no fault of his own, seemed to chase the ball rather than be put in a specific position. As he has only met the squad after the international break this is understandable.

Roy Beerens – 5

Did absolutely nothing to change the game, whatsoever.


Neill Rees – @mostlybobbins


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