Yakou Meite Interview

We interview Reading FC star Yakou Meite. Discussing his career to date, moving over from France to Reading, along with major impact points...

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Wycombe Wanderers Preview

Build up to our important match against Wycombe Wanderers and looking back at the Middlesborough match. With Jonathan Low & Phil Catchpole Learn...

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WTF Is Going On

Reading FC are in a mess. They are lost, and currently in the wilderness. Following on from a 7-0 loss at home to...

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Winning Weekend

A back to the walls second half gave Reading their second consecutive win to nil at home in a week as they beat...

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Wigan Preview

Desperate for a reaction following a midweek hammering at home, 4th-placed Reading traipse up to Wigan this Saturday for once last shot at...

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What If? PT.4

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