Millwall 2 Reading 1 Player Ratings 

Mannone – 5 – no chance with either goal 

Gunter  – 6 – tried to go forward but nothing in front of him

Moore – 6 – won most headers but still wants to go constantly backwards

McShane – 5 – Poor distribution and Morrison gave him the run around.

Illori – 5 – Cleaned up McShane errors, again poor pass choices

Blackett – 5 – Solid in patches but too many loose passes.

Van Den Berg – 7 – Tried very hard, won tackles but passing is poor.

Edwards – 7 – broke up play well but needed help to distribute the ball.

Aluko – 3 – offered very little, far too deep. Went missing.

Beerens – 5 – put himself about but muscled off by Millwall centre halfs. 

McCleary – 3 – also offered very little, confidence looks completely shot.

Ross Baker @Rossob_


Reading 1-1 Hull City Player Ratings

Vito Mannone – 6

In truth, Vito had little to do for most of the game. Back passes seemed to be less so than against Bristol City, but generally was tidy in possession. Did not have much of a chance to save the Hull goal, alas.

Chris Gunter – 5

Whilst being a typical Gunter performance, he seemed to be lacking drive and energy. As a Wing-Back, he did not seem keen to get forward especially in the second half. Surprisingly substituted, not for the performance, but for the fact he very rarely fails to finish the game.

Tyler Blackett – 6

A little like Gunter, his performance is very similar week in, week out – but sadly, that’s not great. Often frustrated at the lack of movement ahead of him, so blame cannot be totally attributed to him, however, he, like Gunter again, is not a Wing-Back and runs into blind alleys far too often.

Paul McShane – 5

Starting to look a little ragged and off the pace is the captain. No doubt he’s still as vocal as ever, but at times he looked unsure what to do in possession even when in space. Obviously, he’s not as adept a ball player as Moore or Ilori, but this seems to be more noticable this season.

Liam Moore – 6

Quiet and efficient as ever, but like others, lacking a little in drive and confidence. Did nothing particularly wrong, just swallowed up in the general malaise of the side.

Joey van den Berg – 3

I will be blunt, but Joey is not of the level required for the Championship. He has neither the skill or intelligence to do the right thing at the right time. A really poor performance which begs the question how he is favoured over the likes of Ilori? A couple of the worst attempts at goal since Paul Brayson (ask your Dad).

Liam Kelly – 7

Until he was (oddly) removed by Stam, Liam was very effective, ran with purpose, played some decent balls through midfield and generally was the only player to provide any sort of creative outlet. Though we scored our only goal without him. Football, eh!

Dave Edwards – 6

Obviously Dave is bedding in and needs times to find his position but at times he did not seem to feature much in the game. Did provide some good movement in general but did nothing of any note. However, he could one of those players that does a lot more, but you just don’t notice it.

Roy Beerens – 5

Never truly seemed comfortable with the position he was asked to play, nor attuned to the physicality of the game. Often Roy is simply out-muscled by the full-back when unable to beat him for pace.

Sone Aluko – 6

Whilst the remit was to link midfield to attack, Sone roamed around but without finding the space that we desperately required. A few decent runs and a difficult miss in the first half, but was otherwise pretty quiet – worryingly so.

Garath McCleary – 5

Another performance where G is asked to play in a position where he’s obviously not as effective as out wide. Anonymous, one could say, until moved out to the wing to cater for Böðvarsson, when, as if by magic, he came alive.


Jordan Obita – 6

Brought on after a mere 5 minutes of the second half, Jordan provided much needed impetus on the left hand side – as a Wing-Back should! Delivered some decent crosses that were crying out for a forward (with any semblance of height) to control. Looked to have received a bad injury at the very end of the game.

Thiago Ilori – 6

Showed plenty of composure and enough to wonder how on earth he does not get a start. Some classy touches without the drama of the likes of van den Berg.

Jon Dadi Böðvarsson – 7

Take a bow, son! Finally, a Plan B that actually delivered. With the miss(es) of the Bristol City game on his shoulders, being substituted at half-time against Brentford, the pressure was truly on for the Icelander. A game-changer in every sense of the word by winning headers, flick-ons and doing everything that had been missing from the game until his arrival. Finally, a focalpoint for our attack! A coolly taken finish from a tricky angle. (But please can he not be called Jon Dadi BöðvarDsson!!)

Jaap Stam – 3.

A baffling line-up, with three central defenders (one of whom patently isn’t), two central midfielders, two wing-backs that cannot provide assists, three wingers in play that lacked mobility and no centre-forward. The belligerence and stubbornness to play a certain way regardless of personnel and without any tangible end product is starting to wear thin, especially at home. There also seems to be a tendency to start blaming the opposition for “playing in a certain way” (i.e. defending) that he is now using as almost an excuse.

For a forward line that on paper is full of running and mobility, none of which were present until changes were made that actually made sense. Pigeonholing players to positions where they ‘might’ be effective appears to be sapping any confidence the players ever had.

Oh, and he upset the fans a bit too. Ouch.

Reading 0 Swansea 2 Player Ratings 

Just a quick reminder 6 is the score for an acceptable run of the mill performance. 

Jaakkola 6

Made one excellent 1 on 1 save from Narsingh midway through the first half and couldn’t do much about the goals. Solid otherwise. 

Gunter 6

Standard Gunter. Appeared to get involved in a spat with Bony after the HT whistle had been blown but that was probably handbags. Has to be one of the fittest players I’ve ever seen. 

Obita 6 

Started the match well and got forward well in the opening 20 mins. Then Swansea started to push down his side and he was penned back. Vital match fitness after a long spell out. 

Moore 7 

Made some key interceptions tonight and led the team well. Got out muscled by Bony in the first half once but recovered immediately. Can’t think of any other mistakes he made during the game. Such a massive player and neeeds to stay fit for us to do well this season. 

Ilori 6

I don’t think Tiago will be happy with his role in the 1st goal. Got needlessly caught on the ball that lead to corner which Swansea scored from. Okay otherwise, hopefully he will learn from the experience. 

Evans 6 

Tidy, tidy, tidy, that’s George Evans. Just wish he take a few more risks with his passing. Nothing reckless, just slightly less passive. Still a decent enough performance but nothing that stood out. 

Bacuna 7 MOTM 

This was a very encouraging display from Leandro. Kept Sanches quiet for most of the match and kept trying to push the team forwards with his passing, closing down and energy. I would start him against Hull this Saturday. 

Swift 6 

Started well and had a couple of lovely trademark flicks in the first half. One shot that was straight at the keeper might have disappointed him slightly. Faded off in the 2nd half, probably down to lack of match fitness as much as anything. On the bench for Hull. 

Beerens 6 

Had 2 shots in the first half. First one quite wide and the 2nd one much closer. Kept running the whole time but didn’t impact the match much in the second half. 

Popa 6 

End product. That’s the typical issue with wingers, Adi was no exception tonight. Lots of running and effort for the team but not much quality at the end. Quite a few overhit crosses and running down blind alleys. 6 for effort really. 

Clement 5 

In the last few minutes Pelle looked as frustrated as the crowd. Didn’t get into the game as he didn’t get any service and he lacked quality on the ocassions when he received the ball. Not his best night. 

Subs :

  Böðvarsson (74 min) 

Can’t remember anything he did good or bad. On that basis and his lack of time I can’t give him a mark.  

 Blackett 6 (62 min) 

Came and did his normal thing. Had a header saved in the last few mins. 

Kelly 6 (55 mins) 

Some very good moments including a cross straight across the 6 yard box and no players anticipated it. There were also a few sloppy passes. 

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Reading 0-1 Bristol City

Vito Mannone – 6

Mostly kept busy by constant annoyance from Messrs McShane and Moore. Little to do, in the main, but perhaps could have done better with the only goal of the game.

Chris Gunter – 6

Classic Gunter, really. Didn’t do anything bad, nor good. He is venturing forward more this season, I feel, but end product is never something to rely on, or expect. (Was sometimes visually aghast at our ponderous play around the back).

Paul McShane – 5

Probably the most frustrating performance I have seen from Macca. Countless times he brought Mannone into play when the ball should have gone forward sooner. As captain, he should be leading by example positively, but today was not that day.

Liam Moore – 6

Again, similar to McShane, he passed back to Mannone too often when had time to look up and see a better option. Did perform an excellent block in the first half to avoid a City break away.

Tyler Blackett – 7

Oh Tyler! Such a fine line between confidence and arrogance! At times, he was very decent, then he gets excited and it’s back to Tyler losing the ball in good areas. Generally, much improved at Wing Back, but (like Gunter), end product is always a problem.

Joey van den Berg – 5

Joey had one of those games where he epitomes everything we’ve become to know and expect from the Dutchman. Wayward first touches, a booking and much shaking of heads in the stands.

Leandro Bacuna – 6

Did nothing particularly great or badly, but did not seem to be able to control the midfield. He floated, rather than being box to box, but I felt that because the Central Defenders kept using the goalkeeper than bringing out in to midfield, I don’t feel he could be blamed. Obviously, time takes time – he will need time to adjust, as all the new signings will need.

Liam Kelly – 5

Not the best of games, despite being injured. Often seemed to be chasing shadows or tried to make up for the game passing him by taking on shots himself, which was neither the best option or led to the best results. Seemed laboured from the off, which is most unlike Liam.

Modou Barrow – 7

A shining light! Another 70 minute performance where he proved to be our most threatening player, by far. A constant pest to the City right back, often leaving him for dead. Put over a few good crosses which no player could reach or be in the right position for. Stam clearly feels he cannot last 90 minutes yet, but when he was removed so did any remaining threat.

Sone Aluko – 6

We expected a lot from our, alleged, record signing and we did see it in fleeting moments. Had some sweet moments of skill and trickery, ghosting past players in central positions. If Barrow still is not match fit, then Aluko also seemed to tire at a similar rate in the second half, which was odd as he has played from the start of the season for Fulham.

Jon Dadi Böðvarsson – 5

Worked hard, undoubtedly, but guilty of two gilted edged chances. The second of which he should have definitely scored from. For a man of his size, he was bullied by Flint and Baker. He needed to impose himself against the opposition defence, but faded badly.


Garath McCleary – 6

Had a few nice moments and put over a few decent crosses. Looks to be gaining fitness, but will have to work for his place with the arrival of Aluko.

Dave Edwards – 6

Put himself about a bit but, probably through no fault of his own, seemed to chase the ball rather than be put in a specific position. As he has only met the squad after the international break this is understandable.

Roy Beerens – 5

Did absolutely nothing to change the game, whatsoever.


Neill Rees – @mostlybobbins


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